Osi Umenyiora partner

Dog names!

2020.03.27 20:10 WaffleTrain42 Dog names!

Hello! Me and my partner are looking at getting a new puppy.
And we want to give it a good football name, I am looking for some new ideas.
Our current name is Osi (after Osi umenyiora) However my BF wants the name Bortals (He is a jags fan).
Has anyone got any good ideas that might also be suitable for a girl puppy?
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2013.05.09 04:37 DistortedAudio NFLFinancial: Potential 2013 FAs

With the playoffs looming ever closer, not every team can be the Jaguars. The Browns, Colts and Bills of the land are looking to rebuild through the draft/free agency and this year there is no lack of potential talent that can be attracted to a new sunny location (or an industrial metropolis, here's looking at you Indianapolis). Take a look at a few FAs that might be making moves in the offseason.
  1. Chad Johnson (WR) - Miami Dolphins: Adam Higins is likely to drop this veteran receiver in favor of some younger talent. Teams looking for a mad-dash rush for the playoffs or some experience in the locker room would be wise to look at Johnson as a potential option (if he chooses not to take the retirement route).
  2. David Johnson (FB) - New York Giants: All signs point towards Tom Flores resigning this young fullback, but the team's cap room is very tight and with many other players available for resigning, the team may have to drop Johnson.
  3. Martellus Bennett (TE) - New York Giants: Two high profile and young players are on the wire in New York. If Johnson is/can be resigned, Bennett will most likely exit and vice-versa. Bennett's contributions to his 2013 squad will most likely be immediate as he's already posted 800+ yards this year over 64 catches.
  4. Brandon Jacobs (HB) - Atlanta Falcons: This often-used, but second string backfield threat should be leaving Georgia this spring. Atlanta's high-stress cap room leaves almost no room for resigning, but Jacobs should make an enterprising head-coach happy. His stat-line is comparable to starting half-back Michael Turner, with less than 100 yards rushing to differentiate the two.
  5. E.J. Henderson (MLB) - Atlanta Falcons: Head Coach Todd Baggin is no stranger to criticism due to some of his coaching decisions during the 2012 season, but even his biggest supporters have questions surrounding what the 2013 defense will be like without E.J. Henderson. Henderson has posted 32 tackles this year (7 less than partner Akeem Dent) and also nabbed one interception.
  6. Chris Ivory (HB) - San Diego Chargers: Gordon Bombay has two half-backs that both have expiring contracts this off-season. The younger option is Chris Ivory, whose posted 750+ yards this season and 5 touchdowns on the ground. More likely to get resigned.
  7. Ronnie Brown (HB) - San Diego Chargers: Bombay's forgotten son, the more experienced and less utilized of San Diego's four half-backs. 15 weeks into the season Brown has only rushed once, so his chances of getting resigned are near zero, but a team without a halfback squad could make great use of him as a second option.
  8. Osi Umenyiora (RE) - New York Giants: The third of New York's players to potentially file for free agency this season. Could cause a defensive splash for a lucky team.
  9. Terrence Newman (CB) - San Francisco 49ers: The 9ers are not at a lost when it comes to CB talent, so I'd put the smart money on them letting Newman go in the offseason. Terrence's contributions however have been significant throughout the season, with 3 interceptions and 36 tackles.
  10. Zach Strief (RG) - San Francisco 49ers: Though it's quite possible for Walter "Heisenberg" White to resign Strief (especially if he keeps the same salary as his original contract) there's still signs that point to him moving off. Strief is just the lineman needed to establish a fledgling team's offensive stance.
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