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Kaigan/Enlightenment Preparation Thread

2018.11.16 21:13 Alsark Kaigan/Enlightenment Preparation Thread

Note: If you don't care about the details and want to jump straight to how to prepare now, just towards the bottom of this post (titled How to Prepare Now).
It has been hinted in the producer letter last week that we may be getting Kaigan, Nensou, or both in the spring: "Unlike V2.0 update that primarily focus on UX overhaul, V3.0 will expand on unit progression, especially with improvements toward older existing units. As a result we have started scaling up the difficulty and rate of content release in preparation for its release."
Maybe we won't be getting Kaigan yet. Japan got there's at the two year mark, and we've just hit the first year mark. However, I'm a man who likes to be prepared, and so, I've decided to go ahead and prepare for Kaigan regardless. As a quick note, the Nensou that I mentioned earlier are called "memory cards", and are sort of like a 4th gear that is mostly obtained through gacha. More on that here. You can't really pre-prepare for Nensou (though you might need to prepare your wallet), so I won't focus on that here.
So what is Kaigan/Enlightenment? Kahare made a great video here that goes into detail, but for a brief summary, it allows you to get your unit to level 91. You can also open up three doors/gates (seven are planned, but Japan still only has 3): Envy, Sloth, and Lust. Each door has 6 levels, plus a bonus when you reach the 6th level. Notably, people don't really consider the 1st level (unlocking the door) as a level. So when people say "5/2/5", that means 6 Envy, 3 Sloth, and 6 Lust as you would see it on alchemistcodedb (and the table below).
Envy: Envy focuses on raising the unit's stats. Requires LB 25, unit level 85.
Sloth: Sloth focuses on buffing one of the unit's passives. Requires J11 for the job of whichever passive it buffs. Requires Envy level 3.
Lust: Lust focuses on buffing the unit's leader skill. Requires Sloth level 3.
Now let's move onto the item requirements. Before I list them out, there are three new types of resources that you need to be aware of. To unlock the doors, you need to do spend a "Circle of Truth". These come in three colors: blue (for 1-3 star units), yellow (for 4 star units), and red (for 5 star units). For a five star unit, unlocking also requires 10 rainbow golems, 10 rainbow pots, 30 golems of the unit's elemental color, 30 Soul Alchemia, and 500000 Zeni. This puts you at level 1 for all gates, which gives you +2 to your max level for each gate (so level 91 is the max level since there are 3 gates).
To level up within the doors, you'll also need country flags past level 2. This corresponds to the country that the unit is from, so you'll have Wratharis flags, Envylia flags, etc. Next are sin idols. These correspond to the gate that you're unlocking. These resources are similar to the soul alchemia, pots, and golems that we currently have - there is a dedicated level that will drop these resources for you. Finally, you have sin indulgences. This will be your limiting factor. When Kaigan first becomes available, these will be given out quite sparingly. As time goes on they become a little more readily available, but you still can't just hand them out like candy.
Onto the list! These requirements are consistent across unit rarity, so Elaine will cost just as much after the initial unlock as Zahar, for example. A brief overview of terminology here: jars are the middle level of pots, mana golems are the middle level of golems, and soul alchemia are the third (of four) level of alchemia. Then you have pots, soul golems, and arcane alchemia as your top level. The doors don't use the lower level items. When I say "elemental", I'm referring to the unit's element, so wind/fire/water, as opposed to rainbow.
Door Level/Item Envy Sloth Lust
Soul Shards: 5 5 5
Idols: 5 5 5
Alchemia: n/a 10 Soul 10 Soul
Golems: 10 Mana (Elemental) n/a n/a
Zeni: 250000 250000 250000
Soul Shards: 10 10 10
Flags: 5 5 5
Idols: 10 10 10
Pots: 10 Jar (Elemental) 10 Pot (Elemental) 10 Jar (Elemental)
Zeni: 400000 400000 400000
Soul Shards: 15 15 15
Flags: 5 10 5
Idols: 15 15 15
Alchemia: n/a n/a 5 Arcane
20 Soul
Pots: 5 Jar (Rainbow) 5 Jar (Rainbow)
Golems: 10 Mana (Elemental)
Zeni: 750000 750000 750000
Soul Shards: 20 20 20
Flags: 5 15 5
Idols: 20 20 20
Alchemia: 10 Arcane n/a 20 Soul
Pots: n/a 5 Pot (Rainbow) n/a
Golems: 5 Soul (Rainbow) n/a 5 Soul (Rainbow)
Zeni: 1500000 1500000 1500000
Soul Shards: 30 50 40
Flags: 20 50 20
Idols: 30 30 30
Alchemia: n/a 5 Arcane
Pots: n/a n/a 5 Pot (Rainbow)
30 Pot (Elemental)
Golems: 5 Soul (Rainbow) 30 Soul (Elemental)
20 Soul (Elemental)
Zeni: 5000000 10000000 8000000
Sin Indulgence: 1 2 2
I apologize that Reddit table formatting is kind of garbage. I'd like to say again, Sin Indulgences are not to be handed out lightly. So don't 5/5/5 a unit just for the heck of it - you need to be smart about using your Sin Indulgences.

How to Prepare Now

Now that that's out of the way, what's the tl;dr take away here? If you want to fully unlock all of the doors for one 5* character, you'll need the following of the current materials:
The good news is that very few characters you will want to get to 5/5/5 (fully maxed Kaigan). A lot of units run 5/2/3, 4/2/3, or 5/5/3. You're normally only finishing out Lust if the leadership ability is good, so x/x/5 is rare. If you do go 5/5/3, as the next closest example, you're reducing the cost of current materials compared to the above list by 60 soul shards, 30 Pots (Elemental), 5 Pots (Rainbow), 5 Soul Golems (Rainbow), 20 Soul Alchemia, 2 Sin Indulgence, and 9,500,000 Zeni.
Anyway, if you can have part of these requirements prepared in advance, you'll have a leg up on people who aren't ready for Kaigan. The soul shards are obviously the big ones here. You're going to want to start farming the characters you want to Kaigan before their Kaigan comes out, so that you're ready for it. If we assume that once a month we get a hard quest x2, you're looking at roughly two and a half months worth of soul shard farming for a full 5/5/5 Kaigan.
So yeah, you want to get a head start, but who do you know to get a head start on? Kaigan was released in Japan on January 27th, 2018, as part of their second year anniversary (the same time as Nensou).
Kaigan Unit Announcement Dates (usually a day before release):
Date Units
1/27/2018 Chloe, Vettel, Logi, Dias
2/15/2018 Cadanova, Victor, Dilga, Lambert, Decel, Elizabeth
2/27/2018 Zahar, Spica, Lamia, Vanekis, Sabereta
3/14/2018 Rosa, Magnus, Mia, Glanz, Freed, Blanchett
3/21/2018 Monzein, Seida
3/30/2018 Balt, Ramses, Lucian, Arkil, Retzius (Balt's J+ also gets a buff here)
4/10/2018 Yauras, Othima, Kagura
4/18/2018 Ryle, Aswald, Strie, Rahu, Ciel
4/25/2018 Flamel, Anastasia, Zeke
4/27/2018 Kanon, Kudanstein, Miuna, Basheeny
5/7/2018 Neica, Vivi
5/16/2018 Lupinus, Shayna, Sazuka, Albea, Vincent (Yauras' and Monzein's J+ also get a buff here)
5/29/2018 Jin, Izayoi, Setsuna, Reimei, Zangetsu
6/6/2018 Chao, Yunagi, Kazahaya
6/13/2018 Uzuma, Lucretia, Eve, Fraise, Veloz
6/28/2018 Yomi, Rin, Fujika, Acht, Itsuki
7/10/2018 Daisy, Ravina, Lofia, Noah (Strie's J+ also gets a buff here)
7/18/2018 Kureto (unreleased in global), Teona, Mielikki, Polin, Caris (Polin's J+ also gets a buff here)
8/2/2018 Zain, Vier, Black Chloe (unreleased in global), Shaman (unreleased in global), Reaper (unreleased in global), Fencer (unreleased in global)
8/9/2018 Sakura, Dark Princess Yomi, Gormalas, Shenmei, Rigalt, Hisham (unreleased in global), Gunner (unreleased in global), Princess (unreleased in global), Paladin (unreleased in global), Etrian Odyssey Shenmei (unreleased in global)
8/16/2018 Yuri, Amaterasu, Dorothea, Zofia, Nasario, Mirianne, Tsukuyomi (unreleased in global), Faylin (unreleased in global)
9/13/2018 Fung Liu
9/19/2018 Hazel, Tamamo, Milis, Rusha (unreleased in global)
10/1/2018 Reida, Reagan, Elrike, Richie, Belta (unreleased in global), Nina (unreleased in global)
10/10/2018 Olga, Klima, Priscilla, Alaia, Patty
10/19/2018 Almira, Mei Fang, Gyan, Aruba, Hayate, Melda
10/23/2018 Tyrfing, Black Tyrfing (unreleased in global), Longinus (unreleased in global)
10/31/2018 Sophia, Shekinah, Cita, Laevateinn, Black Laevateinn (unreleased in global), Artemis (unreleased in global), Black Artemis (unreleased in global)
11/7/2018 Masamune, Edgar, Bashosen, Leoniaz, Celine, Soleil, Megistos, Elaine, Strauss, Alexis, Alfred, Forcas, Eros, Justin (unreleased in global), Fealily (unreleased in global), Parashu (unreleased in global), Freikugel (unreleased in global)
11/13/2018 Deneb, Ennis, Meily, Emma (unreleased in global)
11/21/2018 Annerose, Ishuna, Margaret, Wong (unreleased in global), Kevin (unreleased in global), Aisha (unreleased in global)
11/29/2018 Courage, Amis, Cheryl (unreleased in global), Ren (unreleased in global), Carla (unreleased in global), Chat Noir (unreleased in global), Neferty (unreleased in global), Leticia (unreleased in global), Niguru (unreleased in global), Ira (unreleased in global), Ankh (unreleased in global)
12/05/2018 Hugo, Melia, Jake, Gane, Ange, Gato, Yuan, Scheherazade, Annika, Lucido, Lotia (unreleased in global)
12/12/2018 Carol, Michael, Birgitta, Alyu, Teresa (unreleased in global), Cordelia (unreleased in global)
12/18/2018 Leon, Blitz (unreleased in global), Tsang Lei (unreleased in global), Shirma (unreleased in global), Edwin (unreleased in global), Tethys (unreleased in global)
12/26/2018 Pride, King Bradley, Alphonse, Edward, Roy, Hawkeye, Envy
12/28/2018 Kuon, Mikoto, Eizan, Toritoh, Orion (unreleased in global), Rakina (unreleased in global), Pamera (unreleased in global), Ines (unreleased in global)
This list is up-to-date as of 12/30/2018. I'm not sure how often I will update this, so if it's out of date, you can find additional kaigans here. Just work your way back towards 12/28/2018 from there.
Keep in mind that just because Japan got their Kaigans in this order, with this high of a frequency, does not mean that global will follow in its footsteps, but it gives us a rough idea of what to prepare for.

Who to Prepare For

I'm only going to cover some of the earlier units in the above list here (3/14 and earlier):
The ones with asterisks get a fairly sizable bump in the Japanese tier list after their Kaigan. Zahar goes from A to SS. Mia goes from A to SS (but she also got an important Nensou + Nensou Gear (VCR) at the same time, so a lot of her jump was due to this). If you want to prepare beyond that, a good way is to go to this page. It lists out all of the Japanese tier lists. So take the tier list just before their Kaigan date in the above table, and compare it to the one just after the Kaigan date. That'll give you an idea of how much their Kaigan helps them.
I hope that this helps people out who want to prepare for Kaigan!
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